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Hope springs eternal in the offseason

St. John's welcomes change; was Mullin a wise choice? Rutgers gets some possible good news.

John Alber

Dave from On the Banks and Norman from Rumble in the Garden are back with a postseason episode, as St. John's welcomes change and Rutgers welcomes... the end of the losing streak for the summer. But also hope on the horizon for a crucial update to the Scarlet Knights' facilities. Today:

  • The end of the season for St. John's - an NCAA Tournament appearance and a coaching change.
  • Rutgers loses two to transfer - is Eddie Jordan on the hot seat? Depends on the Spring recruiting period.
  • Hope on the horizon for Rutgers' facility upgrades, with interesting funding streams.
  • The process of St. John's coaching change - was Mullin the best candidate?
  • Are there worries about hiring Mullin, given his inexperience?
  • Listener questions: - Steve Lavin hypotheticals, - will Big East expand after a "poor" showing in the NCAA Tournament?

Spring is here... as is the long, long offseason.

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