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Keeping rivalries alive - whom should St. John's schedule after the Big East separates?

Conference realignment means the games we loved watching are no longer a given. Who do you want to see St. John's play home-and-home - or Garden "neutral site" games - with?


Steve Lavin has said "I know we are going to play Syracuse [in the future]" after the two teams are no longer conference rivals. Jim Boeheim has also mentioned "talks".

Mike Brey and Notre Dame would like to continue scheduling pleasantries despite his Irish's propensity for losing in Madison Square Garden (five straight games vs St. John's). Jamie Dixon, talking about Villanova, said "there's no question there's value to us playing in Philadelphia."

Clearly, not being unified under one banner isn't keeping old sparring partners from meeting up again.

So looking forward a season or two, the breakaway Big East schools will have interesting scheduling choices.

The apparent dissolution of the Big East has the basketball schools crafting their own conference, including St. John's, Georgetown, Villanova, Marquette, Seton Hall, Providence, and DePaul, with a potentially lucrative TV deal.

All are fine basketball programs with a bit of history. The rumored additions (Butler, Xavier, possibly some mix of Dayton and Creighton and VCU) also come with some pop.

But outside of Georgetown, none of them invade New York City with the kind of numbers that pack Madison Square Garden, make the rafters rock, and put money in the Red Storm ticket sales bank account the way visits from Syracuse, Connecticut, or Notre Dame (at times) has. St. John's doesn't want to increase the number of games held on campus in Carnesecca Arena. It's cozy and warm and close to the students, but it doesn't have the "hallowed halls" vibe of Madison Square Garden for fans or recruits.

So of the schools mentioned, and schools like Duke, UCLA, Rutgers, and Pittsburgh, which three basketball programs would you like to see St. John's play home-and-home matchups with?

Teams that pack their houses, teams that bring buzz to the Garden - and teams with some history with St. John's. Consider benefit, history, chance of an even rivalry - which three teams you would most like to see on a December day.

Start spitballing names.

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