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Welcoming Metta World Peace, former St. John's star, back home to New York with the Knicks

"The hardest thing is to win in New York... I need something tough right now. And I want to win where it's hardest to win at, and that's home." - Ron Artest

Metta World Peace - the former Ron Artest, when he was a star at St. John's - will return to New York City in the latter stages of his career with the New York Knicks, per reports.

World Peace gets a two year deal for the mid-level exception, and goes into his mindset and rationale for coming home in the video above.

World Peace, back in the Ron Artest days, was a star on the best St. John's team of the last 20 years, the Elite Eight squad led by Artest's versatile toughness, Ty Grant's stout defense, Erick Barkley's heady point guard play, and the scoring of Bootsy Thornton and Lavor Postell. (This particular writer occasionally has nightmares that look strangely like the final minutes of that Elite Eight game, complete with dribbling a ball off of a leg.)

Artest, the star from now-defunct LaSalle Academy in New York, was the heart of that team, was an iconic figure in Queensbridge - and all over Queens. He averaged 13 points/ 6 rebounds/ 3 rebounds/ 2 steals per game while on the Queens campus.

World Peace - a longtime fan favorite and eccentric character with a... unique... Twitter presence - was passed by the Knicks in favor of French big man/ dunk fodder/ Vince Carter poster assistant Frederic Weis who never played in the United States, despite being the 15h pick.

Artest/ World Peace was drafted next by the woeful Chicago Bulls, and has spent his career in Chicago, Indiana, Sacramento, Houston, and Los Angeles for four years - the longest stint in one place in his career.

He won a championship with the 2009-2010 Lakers.

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