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Dwight Hardy signed by Virtus Bologna in Serie A

Dwight Hardy's passport issues are behind him, and he has what looks like a home.

Hardy in the NCAA Tournament, vs Gonzaga.
Hardy in the NCAA Tournament, vs Gonzaga.
Doug Pensinger

Dwight Hardy adds another team to his long list, moving to the Italian Serie A club Virtus Bologna. He signs for what is reportedly a two-year deal (in .IT) with mutual options for the player and club after the first year.

In March, Hardy signed with Lega Due team Sigma Barcellona after his passport issues caused issues with his deal with Italian club Sidigas Avellino aka S.S. Felice Scandone*.

Hardy played 41 games for Giorgo Tesi aka Pistoia Basket*, where he averaged 22.2 points, 3.1 rebounds, 2.2 assists, and 1.9 steals. Those dynamic on-court numbers earned Hardy the Rookie of the Year Honors as well as Most Valuable Player of Lega Due which propelling his attempt to jump to the Italian top level Serie A.

But Hardy sat for two months as the Italian League committee couldn't figure out why he had two passports, one placing him as an American native and one as a Congo native - a common ploy to get around restrictions on the number of non-Europeans on a team.

The issue was fixed, but Hardy couldn't get off of the bench.

Hardy scored 18 points per game for St. John's as a senior, leading the Johnnies to the NCAA Tournament with a surprise run through conference play in coach Steve Lavin's first year. He's earned accolades in Italy's second division.

Now Hardy has his chance at the top level of Italian basketball to show how his scoring skills - honed in the Bronx, and at St. John's - can make a long-term impact in European basketball.

* note: for many European teams, a squad has a "traditional" name and a sponsorship name. Yes, it can be confusing.