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Orlando Sanchez cut by Knicks, sent to D-League affiliate in Westchester

Sanchez will try to show what he can do on the D-League level for a chance to get to a regular season NBA roster.

John Alber

Orlando Sanchez, the power forward who hoped his year at St. John's would help him get on an NBA roster, was cut by the New York Knicks today.

Sanchez barely appeared for the Knicks in preseason play, and now will be sent to the Knicks D-League affiliate in Westchester, per his agent BJ Bass, through SNY's KnicksBlog.

During his year at St. John's - delayed by an NCAA ruling about his age and amateur status - the 26-year-old big man from the Dominican Republic provided size and offense for a young Red Storm team, a player able to create some offense, rebound and run with the athletic roster in transition.

He averaged 7.4 points per game, 5.6 rebounds per game, 1.4 assists per game and helped lead St. John’s to an NIT appearance.

His agent hopes that his play in Westchester will continue to draw the Knicks' eye. Sanchez has a partially guaranteed contract, supposedly for $15,000 this season.

Fellow St. John's player Jakarr Sampson hopes to stick on the Philadelphia 76ers roster, and has a realistic chance to open the season in Philadelphia, as opposed to the D-League affiliate in Delaware.