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St. John's gets Ish Wainright's last official visit

St. John's will be the fourth and final visit for Montrose Christian forward Ishmail Wainright.

Doug Pensinger - Getty Images

Ishmail Wainright was serious when he said that he was hoping to make his college decision before the high school season starts at Montrose Christian Academy in Maryland. Per Adam Zagoria, Wainright will visit, in order:

  • Ohio State
  • Baylor
  • Texas
  • St. John's

starting this weekend. Per DMV Elite, he is planning on taking his SAT's on October 6th.

Ish Wainright, a 6'6" forward, gained some weight after summer surgery on his foot, expanding to 256 pounds.

"I want to get my body down to 230," Wainright said to DMV Elite, "but I might just stay at 235 and just push myself to get used to it. If I do commit, I'm going to ask the college what they feel like I need to do."

Ishmail Wainright had previously praised Lavin's wing-oriented focus and St. John's educational opportunities. A good sign for St. John's with his recruitment - the trip to Queens comes last, giving Steve Lavin a chance to close on a player ready to make his final decision on a college.

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