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Rysheed Jordan recruiting: reportedly down to Temple, St. John's

The talented point guard has emerged as the top target for the Red Storm.


Point guard Rysheed Jordan is reportedly down to his final choices - and rumor has it that he will be Big East bound. St. John's, UCLA, and Temple are the 6'3" guard's final three schools, and Temple's head coach Fran Dunphy and St. John's assistant Tony Chiles visited a game of Jordan's over the weekend - a victory over St. Andrews of Delaware, where he scored 22 points.

Jordan says he could make his decision "any day", and rumor has it that St. John's and Temple are the leaders for his services, with Temple in a slight lead. (We're just passing on what we've heard.) But Steve Lavin's recruiting acumen, the Johnnies exciting style, and the chance to play in New York City will make that decision a tough one for Jordan.

The Temple fans have made a show of their desire to keep the Philadelphia-bred Jordan at home:

Jordan lives just west of Temple's North Philadelphia campus and said he considers the school home. Earlier this season, fans in the Owls' student section lifted a sign that said: "We want Rysheed Jordan."

"They made me feel like a big deal," Jordan said.

For Temple, Jordan would be the program changer, the player to elevate their talent level to Big East basketball level, where they will play starting in 2013. The chance to stay home could be tempting to Jordan, who has seven brothers and sisters.

He did enjoy his visit to St. John's. What stood out?

"How bright it got at night," Jordan said. "It's bright at, like, 4 o'clock in the morning. In Philly, everybody's asleep. In New York, that's when everybody first starts coming out."

Can the lure of bright lights and a more established program in the Big East win out over a solid program and the ability to stay home? We'll find out... soon, it seems.

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