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Sampson, Briscoe, Freeman to meet with Lavin; Efianayi to visit

St. John's is working to get some visits, with an impact 2015 class needed.

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September is a crucial month in the recruiting process for college coaches. During this period coaches have the opportunity to meet with prospects in person and make a case for their program with the October early signing period as a target. Early recruits mean fewer late scrambles for talent, and a program can adjust their priorities during the college season accordingly.

St. John’s has been active this month and has set up meetings with many of their top targets.

Brandon Sampson

The 6’4 guard from Louisiana has been a target of St. John’s for a while now. After missing out on Malik Beasley their interest has only increased. According to, Steve Lavin has already met with Sampson and now Sampson plans to visit St. John’s in October.

Oklahoma State, California, USC, UCLA, and Texas A&M have also set up meetings with Sampson. It is still too early to know who the frontrunner for Sampson is. But it appears that Steve Lavin has already made a good impression on Sampson.

In an interview with his high school coach Jeff Jones said that Lavin’s meeting with Sampson went well. "He got a chance to meet coach Lav," said Jones, "[he] liked Coach Lav a lot."

According to the coach, Sampson will make his decision in the spring.

Brandon Sampson Highlights

Isaiah Briscoe

A couples of weeks ago it appeared that Briscoe had narrowed his college list down to five schools.

However, the race for the talented guard from New Jersey now appears to be wide open. Many schools have already made their pitches to Briscoe including Georgia Tech, Rutgers, and Seton Hall. Supposedly, Briscoe may visit Memphis, according to NY Post scribe Zach Braziller, and Kentucky is interested.

UConn and Missouri have also thrown their hats into the ring and plan to meet with Briscoe before the college season begins. St. John’s is still in the race for Briscoe and according to the NY Post, Steve Lavin will meet with Briscoe on September 22.

Briscoe still plans to make his decision in the spring.

Tanksley Efianayi

Efianayi, who Steve Lavin and Jim Whitesell went to see this week, will visit St. John's this weekend, and according to Adam Zagoria, could commit at any time.

On St. John's, he said to Zagsblog:

"We built a relationship over the phone and I was able to meet both Coach Lav and coach [Jim] Whitesell less than a week ago when they came to see me practice," he said.

"They were letting me know how I’d be a great fit in their program, how they’re losing a couple of wings and they need a veteran to come in and possibly help right away. And being able to play in the Garden, in New York, I’m from Connecticut and I have family in Brooklyn."

Deshawn Freeman

Freeman is regarded as one of the top junior college prospects in the nation. According to Brad Winton of, St. John’s will visit the talented wing tomorrow. Freeman has also garnered interest from USC, Nebraska, Oklahoma, and Arizona State.

The Rumble will have more information on Freeman later in the week.