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Rawle Alkins coming to St. John's on an official visit this weekend

The end of January brings a bit of hopeful news for the Red Storm.

Kelly Kline

Rawle out the red carpet!

St. John's top remaining guard target Rawle Alkins is coming on an official visit to St. John's this weekend for the Villanova game.

Chris Mullin and his staff have done a strong job pursuing one of the city's best talents to give the Red Storm a long look

The 6'5", 200 guard, originally from Brooklyn, transferred from Queens's Christ the King to North Carolina's Word of God academy due to eligibility rules (he played some varsity ball as an 8th grader).

From the Rumble's interview with Alkins at the Big Apple Invitational a few weeks ago:

"Chris Mullin is a legend. A lot of people say he is probably the best three point shooter in the world. Many people claim that I need to work on my shooting. I assume that probably if I go there I will become a three point specialist."

Alkins also has a relationship with committed guard Shamorie Ponds.

"I talk to Shamorie Ponds and he is a really good guy and a really talented player. I thought he was going to be a McDonald's All American. I have talked to him a couple times, but at the same time my decision is my decision," Alkins said. "St. John's is definitely is the running."

Shamorie is excited, about it on Twitter, by the way.

But coming back to New York isn't necessarily a goal. From the Rumble interview:

"It is fun to come back to New York and play in front of my friends and family," said Alkins. "I miss New York, but at the same time with the life I choose, I will always be away from home."

Alkins will decide his college decision in the spring; the Red Storm are getting his first official visit. The Red Storm offer a roster of players with some talent but in need of an attacking scorer; it's hard to imagine that Alkins wouldn't be likely to start from his first game, while developing the skills he needs to move to the pro ranks.

St. John's may land Alkins, they may not. But the Red Storm are staying true to the plan of focusing on the best local talents, and have been effective in getting guys to look at the Red Storm, even during a long season.