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Zach Brown to switch high schools

Brown will stay in Miami, playing for Calusa Prep.

Red zone with a suit

Zach Brown, a top-50 big man in most publications and the Red Storm's sole 2017 commit, has transferred high schools for his senior season, choosing to go to Calusa Prep located in the southwest of Miami - far from the Liberty City neighborhood where Brown lived/ lives.

Brown committed to St. John’s in July, acknowledging mistakes made and his goals to get his life back on track.

For those keeping track, Zach Brown, a 7'1" big man with the ability to reshape the paint defense for St. John's, has attended Miami Beach High, Miami High, Putnam Science Academy, Sarasota Prep to start the school year (h/t to ZagsBlog) and now Calusa Preparatory School, a small Christian school.

The court case referred to before is the resolution of this robbery arrest; the NY Post reported that the armed robbery charge has been dropped and all are hopeful for the other counts to be resolved in a way that won’t impact Brown’s future.

Zachary Brown’s new school, Calusa Prep, is coached by Derrick DeLaGrana, whose father has worked and coached with the Miami Heat organization for over a decade. Calusa Prep is also the school that former Kansas State star Denis Clemente attended.

Of course, there is always the correlation between multiple high schools and transferring in college to keep in mind, with Brown attending his fourth high school.

But as early as last year, there was talk of him accelerating his academics to land in the 2016 class. Still, in his search for a more stable situation and the changes in school, his eligibility will be something to keep in mind - though so far, Chris Mullin and his staff have not been taking on the drama of eligibility risks outside of Marcus LoVett, who was already interested in the school while in contact with the previous coaching staff.

Assuming Brown arrives next fall, he will be part of a talent boost that will include transfers Marvin Clark, Jr. and Justin Simon - two transfers sitting out this year after arriving from Michigan State and Arizona, respectively. The core of the St. John's squad should be seasoned, the staff will have a far better sense of roles - and raw, space eating big man should have a well-defined role to fill.