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Preseason predictions: St. John's picked 10th in publications

On the eve of Big East Media Day, the Rumble compiles some of the more widely-read preseason guides' predictions on the Big East order of finish.

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With the publishing of the preseason poll from Big East writers as compiled by the Syracuse Post-Standard, let's take a look at four predicted orders of finish from the preseason guides. We have the preseason writers' poll along with the predictions from preseason magazines from Lindy's, Athlon Sports, and Blue Ribbon.

The unanimous picks are Louisville in first place, Syracuse in second place, and DePaul at the bottom at 15th. St. John's is picked at 10th in all of the predictions except for the Blue Ribbon, which has the Red Storm at 12th.

Notre Dame gets the third slot in all but Lindy's. Resurgent South Florida is around 7th or 8th, near the annual cut line for NCAA participation, though the Big East has gotten 11 bids to the dance before. A bounce back for Pittsburgh is expected; and Georgetown ends up all over the predictions, from 4th to 8th.

Which teams are picked too high... and which are picked too low?

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