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Marco Bourgault cleared by NCAA, will play in Charleston

St. John's adds a shooter to help spread the floor; he could see time tonight.

The Red Storm have shot poorly from outside the arc, but help is on the way. Marc-Antoine Bourgault, who stayed in Queens while waiting for NCAA classification, was cleared for action by the NCAA. He will be labeled a junior by the NCAA.

The news was originally reported by a student and then by the Torch:

The source, a student at St. John’s, gave a first hand account of what he saw transpire in his Tuesday morning class around 10:50 am.

"He raised his hand during class, stated he had been cleared and that he needed to leave immediately," the student said. "He said he needed to get to South Carolina."

The 6'6" wing Marco Bourgault will fly to Charleston this afternoon and is expected to play. He joins Felix Balamou to add depth on the wing, bringing the roster to 9 players.

Assuming his 42% three-point shooting translates, he will provide another space-opening weapon for the Red Storm. He is willing to pass, drive, and make plays, but expect him to be a shooting specialist off of the bench, expanding the options in the backcourt.

Bourgault, along with forward Orlando Sanchez, sat out the exhibition games while waiting for news on their classification. Bourgault had attended classes at Montana State before being declared ineligible - possibly due to not having completed the required courses while growing up in France.

No news has come on the status of talented forward Orlando Sanchez. St. John's faces the Murray State Racers at 5:30 PM on ESPN 3 [St. John's/ Murray State preview].

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