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Roster motion: Bourgault, Sanchez out for preseason game, Gift may redshirt

God'sGift Achiuwa may redshirt. Bourgault and Sanchez are waiting for final eligibility approval.

Before the preseason game starts, a few moments of intrigue involving newcomers Orlando Sanchez and Marc-Antoine Bourgault, and with returning forward God'sGift Achiuwa.

Orlando Sanchez and Marco Bourgault are both sitting out the exhibition game against Sonoma State. The issue isn't their eligibility but their class status, classification. Since the program doesn't know what year they will come in as (sophomore, junior, possibly higher) after their time at Monroe College, they are bing held out of the preseason game until they get the answer.

Some eligibility/ classification decisions involving foreign players can take longer than usual for the NCAA to rule on.

Per Quinn on Twitter, "NCAA rule change: Once a player plays a single minute in any game, they cannot redshirt."

That rule also affects God`sGift Achiuwa. In this year's Blue Ribbon preview, the writer suggested that both Felix Balamou and God`sGift Achiuwa were candidates for redshirts.

Achiuwa is a candidate to sit out the year since it is thought that either/ both JaKarr Sampson and Orlando Sanchez could leave to pursue pro opportunities after the season. Achiuwa, despite being the lone returnee in the post, is slated to be down on the depth chart behind Chris Obekpa, Christian Jones, Sanchez, and Sampson.

We'll have more on this after the game.

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