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Dwight Hardy receives visa, joins Sidigas Avellino in Italy

The former St. John's guard has been on the shelf due to visa complications.

Chris Chambers

For Dwight Hardy, the long and drawn-out wait to play is finally over.

After signing with Sidigas Avellino (Italy) this summer, Hardy has been shelved due to complications with his working visa.

To get Hardy to play as soon as possible, Avellino sent the former St. John's Red Storm guard to the Congo to receive a visa. It was believed that getting one in the United States would take too long.

Despite Avellino's initial beliefs, it took much longer than expected for Hardy to receive the go-ahead to join the team in Italy. Disparities of his place of birth came into question, as his American passport says he was born in the Bronx, NY while his Congo passport claims his birthplace is Brazzeville, Congo.

It was even speculated that Avellino would have to release Hardy.

On Wednesday, months after signing with Avellino, Hardy received his visa. After a successful first season with Pistoia Basket, where he received MVP honors after averaging 22 points, 3 rebounds, and 2 assists per contest, Hardy is ready to get back into action overseas.

According, Hardy is expected to join Avellino in Italy as soon as possible. There is a chance that he debuts with the team next weekend.

Original reporting conducted by Rumble in the Garden's Tim Dimas.

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