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Steve Lavin thanks supporters in wake of father's death, return timetable uncertain

It has been a difficult few days for the Lavin family after Cap Lavin's passing.


Update: Lavin will miss the Lousiville game.

You would be hard pressed to find a son who reveres his father quite like Steve Lavin did.

Therefore, when Albert "Cap" Lavin passed away at 82 years of age on Sunday morning, it was a tough blow for the St. John's coach who had looked up to his role model so religiously throughout his entire life.

Cap Lavin, known by many in both the San Francisco area and throughout America as an educator of English and basketball player, coach, and mentor, passed away after a stint of deteriorating health in recent weeks.

His son, Steve, flew out to the family's home in Marin, California following the Red Storm's loss at Georgetown on February 2nd. He spent his final days with the man he so dearly loved, the man who seemingly taught him everything he now stands for. After watching the Super Bowl with Cap, Steve came back to New York to rejoin the team.

A week later, hours before the Johnnies were set to take the floor against Syracuse, Lavin received the news. Knowing just how much his father had meant to him, Lavin left the team on Sunday morning and flew back to Marin to be with family.

In the wake of Lavin's difficult loss, he released a statement on Tuesday afternoon to thank the countless amount of people who have supported him in the last three days.

"The Lavin family is grateful for the heartfelt encouragement, prayers and support that we have received since our father's passing," Lavin said. "The thoughtful sentiments and caring messages we received via text, Twitter, e-mail and voicemail from friends, former players, former teammates, colleagues and college basketball fans have helped to give our family an emotional lift during a challenging time in our lives.

"Moving forward, it will now be the inspiring memories of my father that will serve as a catalyst to pursue better ways to navigate the 'bittersweet miracle that is life'," Lavin continued.

Lavin's status for this upcoming Thursday's game at Louisville remains uncertain at this point. Assistant coach Rico Hines filled in for Lavin on Sunday.

The Rumble extends its thoughts to Coach Lavin and his family as they continue to mourn the passing of Cap Lavin.

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