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Summer basketball - JaKarr, Max, Obekpa, Pointer all playing at NYC's Nike Pro City

And with the host on 24th Street, it's accessible.


Hungry for hoops?

Let this not be an advertisement, but for fans who want to catch some of the Johnnies in action over the summer, the Nike Pro City league is the place to be. Filled with local players from colleges (and some who have moved on from the college game), Pro City will be the home for:

Chris Obekpa and Sir`Dominic Pointer (Sean Bell All-Stars)

Max Hooper and JaKarr Sampson (X-Men)

Last year, former St. John's forward Justin Burrell and current St. John's forward Orlando Sanchez played at Nike Pro City. It's a solid tournament - light on defense at times, but often with exciting end-to-end action.

All games are FREE. Yes, that's right. FREE. (Buy some concessions, help them out.) There's a fun announcer. And it's at Baruch College around 24th or 25th Street on Lexington Avenue - you can get there from Brooklyn, from Jersey, from Queens.

Tonight, the X-Men play at 8:30 PM. Can Max Hooper hit trey after trey in competitive play? How is the rest of his game? Can JaKarr Sampson retain that smooth scoring skill, while diversifying his game? We hope to find out in the coming weeks.