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Johnnies' new Under Armour uniforms: A first look?

It was reported last month that St. John's was moving its sponsorship from Nike to Under Armour.

As reported last month, St. John's is undergoing a change in its sponsorship from Nike to Under Armour. The school's long-time contract with Nike expired at the end of the school year.

Obviously, the main concern (or thrill) of an equipment provider is the prospect of new uniforms. The Red Storm wore its most recent uniform design for over three years, just a fraction of the Johnnies' relationship with Nike that dated back to the mid-1990's.

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On Wednesday, the Fox Sports Twitter account dedicated to coverage of NBA and college basketball (@HOOPSonFOX) posted a picture from its recent photo shoot to promote its new alliance with Big East basketball. A photo was posted of two uniform models, one wearing the standard gray Georgetown home uniform and one sporting what seems to be the brand new St. John's road uniform - sponsored by Under Armour. Steve Lavin was present at the promo shoot.

The tweet containing the photo has since been deleted.

The apparent design of the leaked uniform conveys that St. John's ensured that there wouldn't be any drastic changes as the program shifted from Nike to Under Armour. The only evident alteration is the elimination of the shoulder piping and the addition of piping along the neck line.

As reported, St. John's and Under Armour are expected to enter into a six-year agreement which begins on July 1st.

It is not yet known whether St. John's will continue to carry its black alternate uniform in 2013-14. Under Armour has been known to get adventurous with its uniform designs, notably those worn by Maryland football and basketball.

What do you think of the new Under Armour uniform model? Or are the changes too minimal to attract your interest?