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Steve Lavin, the Big East's third-best coaching tweeter?

Lavin's 9,815 Twitter followers rank him fifth in the league.


St. John's head coach Steve Lavin is the third-best tweeter among Big East coaches, according to Sporting News.

Lavin, who has just under 10,000 followers on Twitter, uses the tool as a way of communicating with fans. By sharing photos, famous quotes, inspirational sayings and various news surrounding the St. John's program, Lavin has become one of the nation's most prevalent online presences among college coaches.

Entering his fourth season as the Red Storm's leader, Lavin hasn't been shy in sharing his personal life on social media. From bike rides across the Brooklyn Bridge with his wife Mary Jarou to attending the weddings of his former players, Lavin is never lacking life enjoyment.

Lavin's account often serves as a means of conversation with friends and family. He follows 5,359 people on Twitter, thousands more than any of the other Big East coaches.

What makes Lavin's Twitter successful is his choice to often deviate from seriousness and have fun with it, made clear by his avatar - a photo of him as a young boy holding a basketball. Or, as he would call it, a young "shaver."

He even went through a mid-summer singing cat phase.

The article ranked Xavier head coach Chris Mack as the league's best tweeter, followed by Creighton's Greg McDermott. John Thompson III of Georgetown holds the fort at the bottom of the list, but it probably would have helped his cause if he had a Twitter account.

If a Klout score was worth as much as a conference victory, Lavin and the Johnnies would be in business. But, for now, we'll have to deal with living vicariously through the coach's intriguing life on Twitter.

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