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Felix Balamou playing the Sir`Dom role?

It's the time of the year where we all look for each crumb of info about teams. This crumb is about how thin, undersized and experimental St. John's will be this season under Chris Mullin.

Anthony Gruppuso-USA TODAY Sports

So, schematically, we don't know much about St. John's under Chris Mullin. All we know is that they will be undersized.

How undersized?


Felix Balamou is a senior guard, standing at 6'4", and well under 200 pounds.

He's never averaged more than two points per game, he's never rebounded 10% of rebounds on the offensive or defensive ends of the court.

The wing from Guinea has always been a player with athletic potential but lacking guard skills, firmly planted on the bench (even when the Red Storm were down to just enough players to have a starting five and a player to give the others a breather).

So, a power forward?

As our friends at Johnny Jungle pointed out, it worked for Sir`Dominic Pointer, though his motor ran hot and he had solid strength.

Still. Balamou can bounce. Like this, from his freshman year:


And in truth, his skill set is more like "skinny power forward" who can be a "matchup nightmare". He's fast, he is athletic, he is defensively willing.

On the other hand, he's skinny, not offensively skilled, and would have committed more than five fouls per 40 minutes on the floor.

It's a transition year, and expect Chris Mullin and the staff to throw all kinds of spaghetti against the wall to conjure wins from this team, decimated from graduations, transfers, and low-impact recruits. And his NBA experience might lend him to think more of small ball, attacking wings with quickness instead of the more traditional height and strength combinations fans might expect to see up front.

So the question for you - good idea? Great idea? Or "oh, just pass me the antacid for this season?"