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St. John's discussing Steve Lavin's future, unsure of what direction to take?

There's talk that Lavin's days may be numbered. Like, in the single digits.

Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

Nothing like some infighting when deciding on a coach's extension - or a coaching change.

We've been discussing the matter in an involved thread about expectations and whether Steve Lavin deserves an extension from St. John's after the Johnnies' 76-64 loss to San Diego State in the NCAA Tournament.

Rumors have been flying that St. John's is discussing Lavin's future as well- keep him with an extension or buy him out are the options - and would spend the week discussing the issue, rather than making a quick and decisive decision.

Zagsblog confirms that rumor, stating that "various administrators had already had one meeting about Lavin’s future this past weekend and were planning a conference call soon to discuss the next steps."

And then there is this nugget, from the same article:

The first source also said there was a “little bit of a power struggle” going on between at least one of the program’s financial backers and some members of the administration about what direction St. John’s should take moving forward.

The source indicated that at least one of the financial backers would like a “young, hungry” coach to replace Lavin, whereas some in the administration may want a more established name, perhaps even a former St. John’s legend.

Is St. John's doing the right thing in waiting/ discussing? What are your feelings on what should happen?