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Tariq Owens, a Tennessee forward, transfers to St. John's

The big man played sparingly last year for the Volunteers; Mullin gets his first "recruit".

Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

It may not be a freshman - and he will not even be eligible next year - but Chris Mullin has his first commit to St. John's.

Slim center Tariq Owens, who asked for his release from the University of Tennessee a week ago, will come to Queens to play for St. John's.

The 6'10" forward played sparingly for the Volunteers, averaging just over one point and one rebound in 28 games, logging four Did Not Play games as a freshman. He started five games for the Volunteers, and scored a season-high seven points against Arkansas on March 13, the Volunteers' final game.

Tariq Owens originally committed to Ohio University but jumped off the Bobcats' commitment list when the coach who recruited him, now-Boston College head man Jim Christian, left for the ACC job.

Owens had been linked to St. John's immediately after his release. Owens' father is from Queens, but Tariq finished high school in Maryland.

Owens will sit out this season per NCAA rules (no hardship transfers anymore), and will be available to provide some height for St. John's in the 2016-17 season.

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