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Fan response: So other than the record, how was the play?

(Yes, that's a take on the old Abe Lincoln joke)

Wendell Cruz

We're getting ready to dissect what (at least I thought) was an interesting season for the St. John's Red Storm and rookie head coach Chris Mullin - one that upheld certain truths (freshman-laden teams tend to struggle) and led to questions about the players, coaching and the direction of the program, in some readers' eyes.

The team finished 8-24, 1-13 in Big East play, had some close calls (three against Marquette) and took some blowout losses. And lost to something called "Incarnate Word", but also beat Syracuse, currently lobbying for inclusion into the NCAA Tournament.

We respect all opinions, and we hope you will all check in during the offseason to read what's new with St. John's and join our discussions.

To kick things off - before we delve into player reviews in the next few weeks, and before we all watch the NCAA Tournament with fresh eyes, following secondary teams, please join us in taking a poll about your feel of the season that just passed. Did it meet expectations? How would you grade the coach and players?

Give us your thoughts in the poll below!